Get competitive return secured by HK property

XFB Loan Investment Model

Not every Investor has the same risk appetite or return requirement. XFB pioneered the P2P Loan Investment Model which enables you to choose the risk-adjusted returns and investments you are comfortable with. This is called Strata Title, which re-distributes the risk and return within the same loan.

How XFB Works

Comparing Different Tranches

Tranche Loan to Value(LTV) Percentage of Property Value Drop Risking Your Investment
Tranche A
0-30% LTV 70%
Tranche B
31%-50% LTV 50%
Tranche C
51%-80% LTV 20%

Your investment get safer over time when LTV decreases due to

(1) property value increases.

(2) outstanding loan balance decreases.

Our Investment Products



Base on your investment horizon, expected return, then XFB AI will handle the rest



You can customize your investment selection base on LTV, risk, return, property location, and more

Investment Objective

XFB YT FinTech HK Mortgage Fund (the “Fund”) utilizes the XFB online peer lending and investment platform (“XFB”) and connects investors with high quality individual Hong Kong mortgage loan borrowers. Using Hong Kong properties as an underlying asset, the historical low delinquency ratio in HK mortgage loans provides a low risk investment to investors while the stable property price are the staunch backing of the mortgage loan investment.

To ensure investors enjoy highest possible risk-adjusted return out of the Hong Kong mortgage loans, XFB platform is in a partnership with [a reputable insurance group] to provide a comprehensive loan principal protection plan to our investors.

Investment Target and Strategy

• Guaranteed return: 3%+ for different investment classes
• First P2P mortgage platform in Hong Kong Utilize big data for instant online loan service
• Automated anti-fraud security for mortgage loan applications
• Investment period: 12 months or more fulfilling your needs
• Real-time performance tracking on XFB platform