Our P2P structure is legal under Hong Kong’s regulatory requirement (SFC Type 1,4,9 Licenses and Money Lender License). Every investment and loan transaction are legally operated in our platform.

Secured by Property

Select Risk Level by Loan To Value (LTV)

XFB FinTech operates a ‘loan tranche’ model which splits the Borrower’s mortgage loan into several tranches based on LTV, up to a maximum of 80% LTV for each property.

The higher the LTV tranche, the higher the return.

You can select the right risk level by selecting the LTV. For example, a tranche of LTV 31-50% will get a loss if the property value falls by 50%.

Tranche Loan To Value(LTV) Interest Rate
Tranche C 51-80% LTV ...
Tranche B 31-50% LTV
Tranche A 0-30% LTV

Diversified Portfolio

You can invest in a portfolio of mortgage loans, which reduces the concentration risk of in case a particular loan defaults.

Information Secured

We manage Information Security Risk for the best interest of both Investors and Borrowers.

We strictly follow the policy by using the CIA model:
• Confidentiality: Data is only accessed by those with the right to view the data
• Integrity: Data can be relied upon to be accurate and processed correctly
• Availability: Data can be accessed when needed.